The Lamp Shop offers a complete selection of lamp wiring kits. We offer instructions to turn your unusual item into a lamp using one of many of our make a lamp kits.

Lamp Wiring Kits: Types of Make a Lamp Kits

  • Jug Lamp Wiring Kits
  • Cork Lamp Wiring Kits
  • Oil Lamp Wiring Kits

The Lamp Shop is a mail order company that has been doing business for 33 years. We specialize in service and products for lampshade crafters around the world. Our efforts are directed toward introducing the art of lampshade crafting to beginners, supplying dedicated hobbyists, cottage industry, craft retailers, small manufacturers and craft teachers.

We make every effort to supply you with quality products, new ideas, and fast accurate friendly service. Your satisfaction is important to us.

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